The Project

The Claiborne Avenue History Project (CAHP) 

CAHP has been collecting, curating, distributing, and providing access to the general public information about the rich history of North Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans since 2013. To maximize on public participation, the project continues to be carried out within three concurrent stages:

Stage 1 : Gathering

Stage 2 : Interacting

Stage 3 : Exhibiting

Those interested in the rich history of N. Claiborne Avenue can access the project across a variety of digital and physical platforms, both here and via our partner organizations. CAHP partnered with the New Orleans Jazz Museum for events, panels, and in the planning of future exhibits about Claiborne Avenue. Other platforms in development and in production include an interactive website, a mobile App, and the feature length documentary film titled Claiborne Revisited, currently mid-production.

N. Claiborne community members continue to participate in video interviews, oral history recordings, CAHP Roundtables and panels, by attending short film screenings at CAHP events, and by contributing to the conversation via all mainstream Social Media @TheCAHP.

CAHP also partnered with The New Orleans Tribune in publishing articles related to Claiborne Avenue history. The New Orleans Tribune is a historically important newspaper serving the African American community the earlier iteration of which was founded by Dr. Charles Roudanez in 1864 as America’s first Black daily newspaper. Other partnerships include ongoing projects with Dr. Anna Livia Brand, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Policy at UC Berkeley and Dr. Joshua Inwood, Department of Geography, at The Pennsylvania State University.

Data collected by CAHP also includes present-day and archival oral histories and video interviews; maps; photographs; clips from films and documentaries; newspaper articles; academic research papers; and architectural and development studies.

Please check out the Gathering, Interacting, and Exhibiting pages for more information about CAHP projects and initiatives.