The Project

The Claiborne Avenue History Project (CAHP) 

CAHP collects, curates, distributes, and provides access to the general public all information to date about the rich history of North Claiborne Avenue. The information collected by CAHP includes present-day and archival oral histories and video interviews; maps; photographs; clips from films and documentaries; newspaper articles; academic research papers; and architectural and development studies. To maximize on public participation, the project is being carried out in three concurrent stages:

Stage 1 : Gathering

Stage 2 : Interacting

Stage 3 : Exhibiting

The general public will be able to access and interface with the project across a variety of different platforms, which will include our ongoing Documentary Film Projects ~ short CAHP films shown at our events and online; via our Dropbox campaign; Social Media; and eventually via our planned Interactive Website, CAHP Quarterly E-newsletter, and feature length documentary film.

We are also exploring research partnerships with university students, and including case study comparisons of what happened to North Claiborne Avenue communities in the wake of the construction of the I-10 highway with similar stories of highways destroying African American neighborhoods in other American cities.