Video Interviews & Oral Histories

CAHP is a grassroots multi-platform documentary project that captures today’s and yesterday’s human stories behind the life, devastation and resurrection of a great American avenue, with the express purpose of fostering conversations about identity, culture and agency as we move forward into the twenty-first century.

CAHP staff members are interviewing New Orleans residents including musicians, culture bearers and business owners. Led by Dr. Raynard Sanders, these interviews and roundtables are facilitating people from the community in telling their own stories of how they remember North Claiborne in its heyday, and how they envisage its future. 

These interviews are a vital part of our ongoing Documentary Film Project and contribute greatly to the success of CAHP events. These interviews will eventually form part of the CAHP interactive website, and many excepts will also be included within our feature length documentary film.

Dropbox Campaign

Utilizing Dropbox to collect data concerning all things related to North Claiborne Avenue as well as the archival management and digitization of this data, we are maximizing on community engagement and participation using several approaches:

  • Engaging history students
  • Collecting oral histories & video interviews
  • Calling for participation via television, radio, newspaper & social media campaigns
  • Depositing “Call to Action” leaflets throughout neighborhoods
  • Contacting community organizations and academics
  • Partnering with other organizations & institutions for a broader platform

Social Media

As many of our preliminary interviewees have begun with the older generations from within the community who remember North Claiborne in its heyday, we are finding that some of these older members most interested in North Claiborne Avenue stories are not connected at the hip to social media. Therefore we have been transferring our curated stories to other platforms that are more accessible to these audiences, such video presentations at CAHP events, exhibit booths, and soon, mobile exhibits.

We do expect a strong intergenerational component to emerge, and the CAHP Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are already enabling the online community to post, engage, and discuss all things related to North Claiborne Avenue. These platforms also enable us to post news items concerning North Claiborne Avenue today as well as ongoing CAHP project development.