CAHP Panels: Claiborne Revisited

From left: Al Jackson, Merline Kimble, Dr. Kara T. Olidge, and Irma Thomas

On Friday May 24, 2019 we held our first panel in the CAHP series “Claiborne Revisited”. Generously hosted by the New Orleans Jazz Museum, “Claiborne Revisited: The Music” touched upon some of the important music history associated with North Claiborne Avenue. This panel featured Merline Kimble, Al Jackson, and Irma Thomas, and was moderated by Dr. Kara T. Olidge, Executive Director of Amistad Research Center. Please visit our CAHP Facebook page to see links to the New Orleans Jazz Museum’s archived livestream video as well as photographs from the event. We welcome feedback and suggestions for future topics within this series of panels.

We also showed material from our “work in progress” documentary short on the music history of North Claiborne Avenue. This piece included excerpts from CAHP interviews with Chuck Badie; Dr. Michael White; Deacon John Moore; Wendell Brunious; Al “Carnival Time” Johnson; Merline Kimble; Herreast Harrison; among others. The filming of these interviews has been possible thanks to the support of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation; the Threadhead Cultural Foundation; to our 2018 Kickstarter donors, and to donors like you.

CAHP Articles in The New Orleans Tribune

The New Orleans Tribune, April 2019, Volume 35, No. 4

The New Orleans Tribune has published our first CAHP article in the April 2019 edition, Volume 35 No. 4 titled “The Death of American Slavery: A Claiborne Avenue Funeral for ‘The Monster’ at the End of the Civil War”, written by Greg Beaman, CAHP Director of Research. This article is the first in a CAHP series published by The New Orleans Tribune, and also calls on New Orleanians to share their memories of this historic street. Please consider e-mailing us at info[at] with your Claiborne Avenue photograph or memory, and pick up your copy of The New Orleans Tribune today!

CAHP Roundtables

One of our CAHP Roundtables with Jolene Jeff, Elaine Yost, Herreast Harrison, Linda Lewis, and Merline Kimble, led by Dr. Raynard Sanders

We are continuing to shoot roundtable discussions for our CAHP archives as well as for use within our CAHP short films. We included material from these roundtables within a short film screened at our CAHP Soirée in October, 2018 as well as short films screened at our recent panel “Claiborne Revisited: The Music” in May, 2019.

These roundtables are filmed conversations between community members about N. Claiborne Avenue and are led by Dr. Raynard Sanders. We are drawing upon this material for our documentary feature film and also plan to use excerpts within our Interactive Website. If you are interested in participating in one of our CAHP Roundtables please contact us via the CAHP website or via e-mail.

The CAHP Soirée

Bandleader Detroit Brooks and Emcee Fred Johnson

CAHP held its first annual CAHP Soirée at the New Orleans Jazz Museum on October 24, 2018. Dr. Raynard Sanders introduced the project and CAHP team members showed video materials illustrating what we’ve been up to.

This evening provides a wonderful opportunity for community members to participate further in the project and make suggestions of areas related to the rich history of N. Claiborne Avenue that we should investigate further. 

The evening’s live music was organized by Detroit Brooks and included many other New Orleans musicians who paid homage to the great R&B artists associated with N. Claiborne Avenue in its heyday. We plan for the CAHP Soirée to be an annual Fall event, so please follow us on Facebook for updates.

Television & News Appearances

CAHP on WWL-TV’s Great Day Louisiana:

CAHP Executive Director Dr. Raynard Sanders & CAHP Documentary Director Katherine Cecil will be featured on WWL-TV’s Great Day Louisiana morning show on June 18, 2019

CAHP Executive Director Dr. Raynard Sanders and CAHP Documentary Director Katherine Cecil will appear on Jacqueline Mazur’s WWL-TV’s morning show Great Day Louisiana on Tuesday, June 18, 2019. Thank you to Jacqueline Mazur and the team at WWL for your interest in CAHP. Please tune in to watch the show, starting at 9:00 am. We hope that this upcoming television appearance, combined with CAHP Research Director Greg Beaman’s recent article in The New Orleans Tribune will result in the community sending us more photographs and memories relating to N. Claiborne Avenue.

Our ongoing campaign to collect photographs and other images will continue indefinitely, but please don’t delay ~ we’re looking for all kinds of images relating to N. Claiborne Avenue: family photographs; photographs of businesses along the avenue; music fliers from clubs within the corridor, advertisements; restaurant menus (Irma Thomas pointed out at our recent CAHP panel that most menus were on chalk boards, but we remain hopeful!).

If you have items but are unsure if they would interest CAHP, please feel free to drop us a line to ask. We will coordinate the digitization of these images at your convenience, traveling to you with a still camera or scanner so that the images never leave your possession. Should you wish, we will attribute your contributions within CAHP short film credits, under archival materials.

CAHP on Fox 8:

Thank you to Fox 8 and its team for profiling our work at CAHP on October 24, 2018. To watch this segment please click on the following link:


Thank you to Derek Waldrip and WWL-TV for profiling CAHP among other organizations such as Treme’s Petit Jazz Museum and the Claiborne Avenue Alliance (formerly Claiborne Reborn) in their segment “Claiborne Then and Now”, which aired on WWL-TV October 18, 2018. To watch the video please click on the following link:

Interactive Website 

We are exploring different ways of constructing an Interactive Website that uses various maps to show the development of N. Claiborne through the 19th & 20th centuries as well as the businesses along the 22 blocks from Canal Street to Elysian Fields

We hope to launch our Interactive Website within the next few years. Fully integrating text, image, video, and audio formats layered as thumbnails over a map of North Claiborne Avenue, the Interactive Website will be the culmination of the different platforms that make up the entire Claiborne Avenue History Project, with all the various collected media and data accessible in one central place.

The general public and researchers alike will be able to access every type of media in the growing CAHP archive, as well as to discuss, engage, and connect with others in discovering North Claiborne’s rich history. The site will include:

  • An interactive archive of external photographs, CAHP photographs, maps, renderings, film clips & videos related to North Claiborne, as well as CAHP oral histories & video interviews
  • Scholarly essays, research papers, & architectural & development studies
  • Elements from the work-in-progress Documentary Film Project will be shown online regularly as “webisodes” for community input and feedback
  • The most recent and archived versions of a Quarterly E-Newsletter

Featured on both the website and within the newsletter, CAHP’s The Circle will highlight three living voices from the community.

  • The Young Historian’s Corner “I Discovered…” section will feature students’ impressions of North Claiborne either through a photograph, video, non-fiction or fiction essay, rap, song, or spoken word poetry.
  • The “I Remember” column will feature older voices from the surrounding community describing life along North Claiborne Avenue.
  • The “I would like to see” section features an artist’s idea, sketch or comment about current uses or a future use of North Claiborne’s resources.

CAHP is gathering and disseminating historical data about North Claiborne Avenue and hopes to serve as a trusted source for citizens, researchers, students, teachers, tourists, policymakers, and city planners alike.